AM-2HR Half-Rack Stereo Phase Monitor - a truly cost effective and space-efficent solution to the "real world" needs of today's broadcasters and post production facilities. The B&B Systems AM-2HR gives you realtime phase, level and audible monitoring of the stereo audio signal, and all in one compact affordable package.

A quick glance at the AM-2HR's X/Y CRT display gives a complete "picture" of the stereo audio signal. The unique B&B Systems graticule calibration allows accurate determination of signal level and quickly verifies the degree of any out-of-phase signal condition. The AM-2HR includes a built-in Audio Power Amplifier with front panel input selection of Stereo or L+R signals, Power Amplifier outputs via the front panel headphone jack or rear panel speaker outputs.


  • B&B Systems Phase Monitor CRT X/Y display with calibrated graticule for phase and level.
  • Requires only one-half of a standard side-by-side rack adapter.
  • Built-in power amplifier with Stereo or L+R input with headphone or speaker output.
  • Line livel output for additional monitoring expansion. Follows front panel volume controls.
  • Magnetic and EMI/RF Shielding



SIGNAL INPUTS: Three pin XLR female for left and right audio. All inputs are balanced and buffered with greater than 50K ohm input impedance. Inputs can be set for resistive termination according to studio operating standards.

DISPLAY: Oscilloscope display, bandwith limited to audio frequencies of 20Hz to 20K Hz. Calibration can be adjusted so that graticule marking can conform to studio line level. Proper stereo phase relationship of left and right channels is marked diagonally on the graticule. Degree of out-of-phase indication via calibrated graticule.

POWER: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 50 Watts maximum.

PHYSICAL: 5 1/4" x 8 1/2" Wide x 17" Deep, mounts in standard 3 EIA rack unit high chassis. Weight 19 Lbs. (8.6 Kilo).

B&B Systems Phase Monitor showing in-phase program material, with good stereo separation.

Monitor showing out-of-phase program material.

Out-of-phase tone - quickly detect phase errors in your system.