1. CONSULTATION – The concept stage, defining the scope and direction of your facility.  The parameters in facilities design include current and future use, capacity, environment, facility utilization, and cash flow.

  2. SYSTEM ANALYSIS- An overview of your existing environment involving researching and testing your location for: functional integrity, local environment, noise levels, EMI levels, and RF levels; expansion capability to accommodate future business; utility capabilities for supply current requirements and future requirements; conditional use permits or restrictions; parking and accessibility for clients and staff.

  3. COST ANALYSIS - Review of existing cash flow verses production costs, develop a projected cash flow verses production costs for the new project, develop a preliminary budget and completion schedule for the new project.  B&B Systems is proud of our reputation of on-time and in-budget projects.

  4. DESIGN & SPECIFICATION – B&B Systems will deliver a complete preliminary design package, with specifications and documentation, for review by your staff.  Once approved a final design & specification package with estimated timetables will be delivered prior to construction.

  5. EQUIPMENT SUPPLY – Established long term relationships with all major manufacturers and suppliers coupled with our exclusive volume purchasing power, we can offer you the best equipment form the best sources manufactured by companies that stand behind their products and services, all this at their best prices.

  6. CONSTRUCTION – Working with a licensed general contractor, yours or ours, we will handle all of your construction needs.  We can design and build simple edit room, machine room, additions/expansions or build from the ground up construction.  Our experience provides the expertise for acoustics, electrical, environmental, and A/V installation and wiring.

  7. TRAINING & SUPPORT -     After the facility is built and tested the job is not complete. B&B Systems does not consider the project complete until all systems are functioning at optimum efficiency – both equipment and operators.  We will work closely with your staff to assure that they are up-to-speed in all aspect of the systems.